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Ether, Element, Essence, Enhance, Ability, Connect, Communication, Expression, Self, Others, Findhorn, Findhorn - Ether essence 15 ml, Velvære & røkelse, Essenser (Vibrasjonell medisin), 15 ml
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Findhorn - Ether essence 15 ml

15 ml

Ether elemental essence works at the level of the 5th or throat chakra, as well as the 6th or ajna chakra and 7th or crown chakra, and exists as quintessential life force. It concerns the expression of the consciousness.

The ether element and therefore the essence strengthens the receptivity of life force in the throat centre, develops the instinctual intuition, mental flexibility, creative intelligence and right speech and manifests as spiritual love and the power of synthesis. Ether element essence is the ‘quintessence’, the fifth element, the mother and creator of the four elements. All the other elements arise from the fifth or spiritual etheric realm.


Add 3 - 7 drops directly onto the tongue.

Alternatively, add to a glass or bottle of water for sipping.

Use as and when you wish to invite this energy into your day.


Water and Organic Cognac (ABV = 12%)

This essence is believed to contain the energetic vibration of an element.

NB: A Flower Essence is a Fermented Beverage and UK Drink Product.


Please store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

This product has a shelf life of five years.


This is a liquid refreshment for oral consumption.

This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.
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