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The Reflexology Bible

Louise Keet has practiced reflexology for over ten years.
In that time, she has personally trained hundreds of reflexologists from around the globe. Her work has appeared in Time Out, the Guardian and Vogue.
She is currently principal of the London School of Reflexology.

Reflexology is a safe, gentle therapy that boosts the body's healing systems and helps combat stress.
This comprehensive book contains everything you need to know about the subject,
including zone maps of the hands and feet, techniques for working the reflex points, advice on how to prepare for a reflexology session and a step-by-step routine to treat the whole body.
With a detailed directory providing instructions to relieve common ailments, from digestive problems to skin complaints, plus specialised treatments to suit children and the elderly, this is the only guide to reflexology you'll ever need.

Written by an expert author Part of the popular Godsfield Bible series.

Introduction How reflexology works Reflexology preparation Treating the feet Reflexology for common ailments Specialized reflexology Treating the hands Index Acknowledgements. The Godsfield bible series
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