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The Time Traveller's Herbal
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The Time Traveller's Herbal

Stories and recipes from the historical apothecary cabinet

A practical guide to making over 25 recipes used by traditional European herbalists throughout the ages, with the history and stories of the skills and crafts woven through.

A how-to guide for making over 25 salves, tinctures, teas, balms and bakes using traditional herbalist methods. Organised chronologically, the history and stories of the herbalist's craft are told through the recipes, starting with the ancient romans and ending in the early modern period. Provides tips and guidance from a trained herbalist and storyteller, combining the two to form an engaging and informative narrative and safe recipes.

Steeped in history, the herbalist's art paved the way for modern science but didn't necessarily need to have been replaced by it. In The Time Traveller's Herbal, the traditional remedies and recipes that were passed down through the ages are offered to the modern reader as a means to reconnect with the natural world, while reaping the benefits.

A guide to the myths of a lost art, The Time Traveller's Herbal is the book every budding apothecary should reach for. Including instructions for over 25 recipes and makes using commonly found, foraged or easily procured ingredients, author Amanda Edmiston weaves a story through the recipes about the craft of the herbalist, tapping into the traditional knowledge passed down through generations and reworking it for the modern reader.
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