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You Were Born Again to Be Together
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You Were Born Again to Be Together

Fascinating True Stories of Reincarnation That Prove Love Is Immortal

Discover the classic guide to past-life regression that reveals how soulmates are reunited across the ages, from renowned psychic researcher Dick Sutphen.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that men and women who are together in this lifetime have been together before . . .”

After being hypnotized and shown his own past lives, Dick Sutphen went on to become a practitioner of hypnosis and past-life regressions. Over the years, he worked with many people and discovered the importance of karma: that we have lessons to learn, and if we do not do so in one lifetime, we will encounter them in another lifetime. Other people are instrumental in our learning these karmic lessons, and we can be tied to certain individuals in life after life.

In this book, Sutphen shares regressions with several clients and includes transcripts of their sessions. In hearing their stories, we discover what these people came to understand about the challenges in their present lives after they looked to the past.

Originally written in 1976, You Were Born Again to Be Together remains a useful primer in shining a light on metaphysics and the amazing power of the human spirit.

Enter the world of love eternal and rejoice at the amazing powers of the human spirit.
Kr 229,00
Lev. Prodnr: 9781401965921 - Id: 1950038083