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Rewilding Childhood, Bøker, Psykologi & relasjoner, Raising Resilient Children Who Are Adventurous, Imaginative and Free
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Rewilding Childhood

Raising Resilient Children Who Are Adventurous, Imaginative and Free

This isn't your average parenting book. This is a call for rebellion; a liberating, transformative, joyful rebellion, proven to inspire confidence and resilience.

Encouraging children to explore and reconnect with their adventurous side is more important than ever. Rewilding Childhood offers game-changing tools and techniques to help you raise empowered children who will thrive in this unpredictable world. You'll find out how climbing trees instils a healthy attitude to risk, how adventuring into fields and forests cultivates gratitude, and how getting messy with a paintbrush can liberate a child and elevate their confidence. Full of down-to-earth advice, honesty and positivity, this book will encourage both you and your child to move beyond the boundaries of everyday life to become self-assured, secure and, above all, happy.
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