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Florida Water 70 ml, Velvære & røkelse, Røkelse
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Florida Water 70 ml

Også kjent som Floridavann/Aqua Florida.

Components of the scent include citrus and herbal notes along with spice and floral undertones. These delightful elements are provided by Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Cloves, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rose and Orange flower. When the fragrance is first applied the delicious citrus notes are most dominant, then the Cloves move to the front and the scent settles into an incredibly appealing dry spice.

Aromatic Properties
Skin refreshing, muscle and nerve toning, personal deodorant, (sick)room deodorant, spiritual cleaning, home protection, for clearing and balancing energy and also as an offering to the spirits when opening sacred space or praying for assistance.

Florida water is one of the oldest patented colognes still sold today. It first appeared in the United States in 1808. The name refers to the fabled "Fountain of Youth" said to have been located in Florida. It is remarkable that this commercial cologne should have assumed such a central role not only in the shamanism of the Peruvian Amazon, but also for magical purposes among people of African-diaspora descent in the United States and the Caribbean. Bottles of Agua de Florida can be found equally on the mesas of Amazonian healers and on the altars of Vodou priestesses in Brooklyn. Shamans often place perfumes and colognes on the bodies of patients, as crosses on their forehead, chest, and back, whistling a special song of protection, to seal, close, and protect the body. There is a type of shaman in the Amazon called a "Perfumero", who specializes in the use of such scents to attack, to heal, and to attract.
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