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Love's secret 15 ml

Love's secret is an essence derived from an orchid which is the sole specie of a monotypic genus, which means there is no orchid like this one. Such genera are generally reckoned to be remnants of a larger genus which was (nearly) killed off via various geological & meteorological events. As such this is likely to be a very ancient being, which is indeed what Don heard about this orchid in the night after the essence was made. It is from the lowland forests of Panama and Colombia. The orchid has a pungent smell akin to a female in sexual heat.

The essence connects with the root of the generative system in both men and women, helping to both clarify (and invigorate) the sexual impulses, bringing about the healthy expression of one's sexual energies. The pelvic area is energised, and the throat chakra is also activated. One prover had a very clear vision in her meditation of being in a forest and seeing Venus bathing in a pool of crystal-clear water which was infused with many colours of light. The pool changed into a funnel which then merged into the provers pelvic area. She felt a tingling in the ovaries and a strong sense of activity, of energy just above the pubis. There was an overall sense of expansion, of moving beyond self-imposed restrictions.

Another prover expressed her experience of the Love's Secret very beautifully:
It slowly dawns on me that love is still, love isn't frightening, love isn't a force of will; love cannot have a direction put on it. It just is what it is and will only guide me to the people and the places best for me. Love isn't selfish, love isn't scared, love isn't controlling. Deep down, I knew love was none of these things which is why I always felt so awful in relationships, sex etc. This is why I felt so lonely because I couldn't find this particular love within - the capacity for genuine romantic love between two people. Now I feel as though I'm starting to get a genuine sense of what it is - slightly - I'm not there yet. I feel very quiet, very unsure as to what is happening to me. Going within, mind almost blank. "Stand up, show yourself, present your true loving beauty, be beautiful internally and externally. Be beautiful and graceful" This is a very powerful yet quiet essence/sensation, not what I was expecting. I expected fireworks and to have the rug pulled from under me. I feel quietly saddened by the fact that I have never experienced these feelings before, never experienced romantic love. But I don't feel grief-stricken, mourning the past that should have been. I'm starting to see that the vicious destructive never-ending cycle is finally at an end. I feel relieved to finally feel/be like this. I'm getting an indication of something wonderful!
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