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The Complete I Ching, Bøker, Filosofi & religion
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The Complete I Ching

A revised edition of the definitive translation of the world's most important book of divination

Translated by the eminent Taoist Master Alfred Huang, THE COMPLETE I CHING has been praised by scholars and new students of the I Ching since its first edition. A native Chinese speaker, Master Huang first translated the original ideograms of the I Ching into contemporary Chinese and then into English, bringing forth the intuitive meanings embodied in the images of the I Ching and imbuing his translation with an accuracy and authenticity not possible in other English translations.However, what makes his translation truly definitive is his return to prominence of the Ten Wings, the commentaries by Confucius that are essential to the I Ching’s insights.

This 10th anniversary edition offers a thorough introduction to the history of the I Ching, how to use it and several new divination methods; in-depth and easy-to-reference translations of each hexagram name, description and pictogram and discussions of the interrelations between the hexagrams and the spiritual meaning of their sequence.

Also available in hardback 9781594773853

• More than 64,000 copies sold of the first edition
• The first English translation from within the tradition by a
Chinese Taoist Master
• Includes translations of the Ten Wings – the commentaries by
Confucius essential to the I Ching’s insights
Kr 299,00 NOK
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