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The Qabalistic Tarot Book, 9781572819108, 1950038776, Bøker, Tarot, A Textbook Of Mystical Philosophy
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The Qabalistic Tarot Book

A Textbook Of Mystical Philosophy

The Qabalistic Tarot is both a textbook and a valuable sourcebook on the symbols of the Western Hermetic Qabalah, a corpus of mystical ideas, which have, for centuries, exerted a powerful influence on the development of Western thought. Dr. Wang traces the development of Qabalistic ideas throughout history and uses tarot images to explain the symbolic intricacies of the Path. This book can be used as a companion guide to the Golden Dawn Tarot, the Thoth Tarot, Rider-Waite decks or Marseilles style decks. Hailed by reviewers as "a masterpiece," and as "the single most profound reference of its kind," The Qabalistic Tarot has become the standard in its field, a book essential to all students of Tarot symbolism.
Kr 349,00
Lev. Prodnr: BK244 - Id: 1950038776