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Ginkgo ring i sølv, 4250209850982, 1950037557, Krystaller & smykker, Andre smykker
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Ginkgo ring i sølv

The Ginkgo is revered as a lucky charm full of mythical powers and has its origin in Asia. Thanks to its symbolic power, it can be found in many temples there. Its resistance and adaptability is fascinating:

The tree can live for over 1000 years and its species is said to have survived the ice age. The dichotomy of its leaves stands for Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy - so the Ginkgo leaf is not only used as a lucky charm, which reminds of our own inner strength, but also as a mediator of our masculine and feminine aspects as well as for finding the inner balance. This property is found even in its Latin name Ginkgo biloba = double lobed.
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Lev. Prodnr: R-355 - Id: 1950037557