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The Witch's Cauldron, 9780738750392, 1950036647, Bøker, Urkulturer,sjamanisme & mystikk, The Craft, Lore & Magic of Ritual Vessels
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The Witch's Cauldron

The Craft, Lore & Magic of Ritual Vessels
Explore the spellbinding history, tradition, and modern uses of the Witch's cauldron.
From blessing and using your cauldron in ritual and divination to practicing kitchen witchery with it, this easy-to-use book provides essential information for Witches of all ages and skill levels.

The Witch's Cauldron shows you the ins and outs of one of the most iconic tools in Witchcraft.
Learn about the cauldron's role in lore and mythology, its development through the ages, and old-world witchery.
Discover how to choose, personalize, and care for your cauldron, and find unconventional ones already in your home.
This entertaining book also features advice and spells from well-known writers, helping you delve into the endless possibilities for using a cauldron in your practice.
Kr 219,00
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