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Vata - ayurvedisk kjeglerøkelse, 3560461030116, 1950035531, Velvære & røkelse, Røkelse
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Vata - ayurvedisk kjeglerøkelse

Comforting-air and ether

The Vata type is enthusiastic, creative, focused on change and new activities, but also tends to having fears and dominance.
Vata incense cones contains white sandalwood, sweetgrass, bala and vetiver.

These incense cones are designed to balance excessive energies in our system, our climate, our activities, our environment etc.
Council an Ayurvedic doctor or the internet to get to know your Constitution type. Try it here

Ayurveda is the traditional and natural art of medicine from India that is practiced for more than 5.000 years.
Ayurveda literally means "doctrine of life" and the knowledge is transmitted from teacher to pupil in all the layers of the population.
Also in the Western world Ayurveda is gaining more ground. More and more people are looking for a way of life that fits their natural origin.

There is a lot of care given to compiling the incense and for the right balanced dosage of the ingredients.
The plants have a positive effect on the 7 vital centers (the chakras) and support in balancing the dosha’s (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). The burning time of a cone is about 20 minutes.

These Ayurvedic incense variants are 100% natural and it is said that they have a medicinal effect.
The incense is made according to the Dry Masala Bhattis method.The incense is designed to support, and not to replace the advice of a physician.
We always recommend to visit a doctor if you suffer from a (serious) disease.

The Ayurvedic incense is fabricated by the Soliga community, living in the native forests of Karnataka.
The Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (VGKK) a humanitarian organization provides this community in the basic necessity of life.
Part of the proceeds of this incense is donated to the VGKK.
Kr 119,00
Lev. Prodnr: 3560461030116 - Id: 1950035531