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Living Tree Orchid - Shield of Light 15 ml, Velvære & røkelse, Essenser (Vibrasjonell medisin), Essens
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Living Tree Orchid - Shield of Light 15 ml


Shield of Light is a major essence for protection against dark energies and black magic. It is formulated to enable the aura to become reflective like a mirror, so that such energies do not penetrate the aura, and are instead transmuted, and reflected away and up to highest Source. It also brings courage, and helps to restore confidence and optimism even when surrounded by great challenges. It is so immediately uplifting and gently strengthening. It is also the best essence we have to help counter the dark energies generated by terror attacks. Shield of Light sends out light at higher levels, and so acts as a counter to that awful darkness these folk are a part of.

The difference with Soul Shield in effect is that Soul Shield makes the aura stronger, but will not protect one against black magic attacks. Shield of Light works in a very different way, giving a mirror-like quality to the aura, so the dark energy is reflected away from one.
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