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Findhorn - Sacred Space spray 50 ml, 724120023960, 1950032240, Velvære & røkelse, Essenser (Vibrasjonell medisin)
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Findhorn - Sacred Space spray 50 ml

Sacred Space is a revitalising and energising space clearing mist spray.

The five element essences of nature used in the creation of Sacred Space combine and release limitless positive energy,
purify the atmosphere, restore balance and initiate great change.

Pure essential oils of Rose Alba, the pure white rose, and Frankincense, release an exquisite delicate fragrance to further enhance the
harmonious energy radiating in your space.

Use to refresh and energise your personal space, cleanse and purify your aura, promote happiness and harmony around your home.
Bring forth light, clarity and serenity.

Sacred Space can be used to professionally cleanse, purify and clear 'stuck' energy, to revitalise and enhance the flow
of positive energy in a negative atmosphere.

In the busy work place, negative energy omitted from computers, office equipment and stressed-out colleagues can
seriously affect decision-making and our own stress levels.
Sacred Space helps transmute the negative energy, restores calm and tranquillity, and creates a more positive atmosphere in which to work.

It centres, grounds and empowers with the invigorating vital life force of the elements - create your very own sacred space -
where miracles and magic can happen!
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