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Meditation Ragas


Chinmaya Dunster is skilled in the playing of the sarod, and Indian string instrument with a rich, exotic sound. On this release, the virtuoso pairs his skill on the instrument with soothing backdrops designed to add peace and tranquility to a meditation session or an afternoon of relaxation. The sound of the album is bright and serene, blending the sarod with acoustic guitar, bansuri flute harmonies, gentle percussion and a soft layer of keyboards. The individual tracks are themed after the senses, evoking meditations on sight, sound, taste and so forth (inspired by the texts of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra) that utilize the music as a means of putting you in the correct mindset for exploration. Despite the use of predominantly Eastern instruments, they are played here with a Western approach, bridging the two cultures and creating an appealing musical hybrid.

These meditative compositions are meant for quiet moments in the listener's life. They may also be used as aids for techniques based on seven-sense meditations taken from the ancient Indian text, the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Chinmaya Dunster has spent 15 years studying Indian classical music on the sarod, and has been meditating under the guidance of the Indian mystic Osho since 1979. Ideal for meditation, healing arts, yoga, and massage.

Featured Artist
Chinmaya Dunster: sarod, guitars, keyboards, violin, bamboo flute, tabla
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Track List

Sight Meditation
Touch Meditation
Heart Meditation
Sound Meditation
Scent Meditation
Taste Meditation
Consciousness Meditation

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