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One river

Multi-instrumentalist and esraj master Benjy Wertheimer and percussionist John de Kadt fuse their respective talents to present a sublime set of music for personal enrichment, spiritual work and yoga. The creative spark that fueled this pairing came during a joint session at a yoga class - the artists realized that their instruments of choice were a natural fit, and wanted to further explore their shared love of rhythm and Asian-inspired harmonies.
The fruit of their mutual inspiration is ONE RIVER, which features gentle, meditative harmonies with an earthy, multicultural flavor. The expressive sounds of the bowed esraj weave throughout the album like a slightly droning violin, while hang drum, gongs, African and Asian drums, Balinese gangsa and other instruments provide a lightly percussive atmosphere.
Steve Gorn is among the guests with his haunting bansuri flute, and both Wah! and Heather Wertheimer lend vocal tones in places. Great atmosphere music!

Audio Samples

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Track Preview 1. Tabla Breath 
Track Preview 2. One River 
Track Preview 3. Nine 
Track Preview 4. Maya 
Track Preview 5. Lila 
Track Preview 6. Underwater 
Track Preview 7. Shivaratri 
Track Preview 8. Gayatri 
Track Preview 9. Saraswati Ma 
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