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Population Control, Bøker, Alternativ vitenskap & kosmologi, How Corporate Owners are Killing Us
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Population Control

How Corporate Owners are Killing Us

Acclaimed journalist Jim Marrs lays out a stunning case for his most audacious conspiracy yet: the scheme concocted by a handful of global elites to reduce the worlds population to 500 million by whatever means necessary.

“Wide-ranging....Will undoubtedly put the fear of God into [readers].”—Kirkus Reviews

The Declaration of Independence promises the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” America in the twenty-first century has failed to live up to that creed. Pushed to the brink by the GOD Syndicate – Guns, Oils, and Drugs – Americans increasingly find themselves headed not for a life of prosperity, but toward an inexorable decline ending in death.

In Population Control, Jim Marrs takes aim at a culture in decline, and offers solutions for righting it. In 2014, there were three million homeless people in the U.S., and almost 20 million vacant homes. The most technologically advanced nation in the world had a life expectancy lower than that of Chile and Bahrain. And citizens of the wealthiest country on the planet continued to ingest toxic chemicals through their food, their vaccines, and their technological devices. America, Jim Marrs argues, is seized by a culture of death. Everything from the food we eat to the water we drink to the drugs we put in our bodies is pushes us closer to an early demise. But with Marrs as our guide, a return to true prosperity is possible.
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