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Magical Symbols & Alphabets, 9780738761923, 1950037466, Bøker, Urkulturer,sjamanisme & mystikk, A Practitioner's Guide to Spells, Rites and History
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Magical Symbols & Alphabets

A Practitioner's Guide to Spells, Rites and History

Symbols and Alphabets for Dynamic Magic Witchcraft

Energize your Wiccan or Pagan practice with rich symbol systems and magical alphabets.
Discover how astrological symbols, zodiac signs, and the fixed stars can be used to invigorate spells and rituals.
Connect with the power of the elements and explore tools like the ogham and other runes for divination and spiritual connection.
Learn how to use sigils and esoteric alphabets so you can live more deeply in the powerful magical energy that is all around you.

While you can use symbols to boost the energy of spells and rituals, learning the fullness of their history will help you utilize them for the specific needs we confront today.
With hands-on exercises as well as extraordinary insights into each system's history and lore,
this book is an irresistible guide to integrating potent symbols into your spiritual practice.
Kr 299,00
Lev. Prodnr: 9780738761923 - Id: 1950037466