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Tibetansk røkelse - Sal Dhoop, 4250209834111, 1950033988, Velvære & røkelse, Røkelse, Vision and purification
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Tibetansk røkelse - Sal Dhoop

Vision and purification

Tibetan incense sticks are produced with a variety of Himalaya herbs but without a bamboo stick. This incense stick line is based on ancient knowledge about Tibetan medicine and the meaning of medicinal herbs. Since ancient times, the herbs have been used by monks and shamans in order to help their fellow men.
They can lead the consciousness into deep spheres and thus help relieve old burdens. Make use of the power of these Himalaya herbs and the age-old knowledge of natures effects!
Sal is the most important resin for Himalaya shamans. It works as a cleansing fumigation and thus frees you from burdens and exterior influences. It has a soothing effect and settles minds that are out of balance. This new situation makes the senses accessible for visions and inner journeys. Aromatic and strong scent.

27 stk røkelses-pinner og keramikkholder.
Kr 159,00
Lev. Prodnr: HS-521 - Id: 1950033988