Ooramin - The meditative didgeridoo

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Ooramin - The meditative didgeridoo



Veteran didgeridoo player David Hudson is a descendent of the Ewamin and Western Yalangi tribes of Northern Australia. Aboriginal culture flows through his veins, and his mastery of the didgeridoo is unparalleled. With Hudson's album OORAMIN, the didg player takes listeners on an expedition through the Australian outback, led by the raw, earthy sound of the ancient instrument. This is pure didgeridoo - no other accompanying instrumentation is utilized on the album. Hudson showcases the variety of tones and drones that the instrument is capable of, from the more rhythmic sounds performed on "Elandra (By the Sea)" to the swirling, otherworldly ambience found on "Breathing." The album showcases the naturally meditative nature of the instrument, evidenced through traditionally-inspired original pieces of music.

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FEATURED ARTISTS David Hudson: didgeridoo Features the traditional meditative qualities of the didgeridoo, played by one of the world?s leading exponents. The sparse, spiritual sounds make this an ideal album to enhance meditation or relaxation. David Hudson toured with Yanni in 2005. Hudson?s life reflects his love of, and belief in, Aboriginal culture. He has a diverse career and is internationally renowned as a musician, artist, entertainer, and presenter. His work is considered "contemporary" but has a very definite traditional influence.


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 1. Breathing 

2. Kareela (South Wind) 

3. Hot Springs 

4. Yigi Doonyou

5. Forest Rain 

6. Desert Mantra 

7. Ancient Voice 

8. Waves

9. Silent Cave 

10. Elandra (By the Sea) 


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