Prenatal yoga

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Prenatal yoga


PRENATAL YOGA, with host Shiva Rea, is a safe, effective workout designed to help expectant mothers achieve a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. Through a series of seated poses and standing poses, as well as floor work, breathwork, meditation and guided relaxation exercises, viewers will build strength, stamina and flexibility. In addition the program helps to alleviate negative physical effects, like fatigue, tension and tightness. Given that an expectant mother's body changes over the course of her pregnancy, Rea offer stretches that can be modified to adapt to a mother's needs during each individual trimester. As a bonus, PRENATAL YOGA also features a pregnancy massage session, in which Rea instructs viewers in therapeutic techniques that focus on the feet/legs, head/neck and back/shoulders. Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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