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Karma & reincarnation

The Wisdom of Yogananda, Volume 2

The interrelated ideas of karma and reincarnation have intrigued us all for millennia. In today's post-modern culture the idea of 'karma' has become mainstream while belief in reincarnation is now at an all time high in the West. Yet for all of the burgeoning interest very few of us truly understand what these terms mean and how they work. In this volume of all new never before released material Paramhansa Yogananda - one of the most respected spiritual teachers of the 20th century - definitively reveals the truth behind karma reincarnation death and the afterlife. With the clarity and simplicity of a true master Yogananda makes the mysterious understandable. Topics covered include : how karma works; how we can change our karma; the relationship between karma and reincarnation; what we can learn from our past lives; how to overcome karmic obstacles; how to die with uplifted consciousness; what happens after death; the true purpose of life and much more.
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