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This beautiful full-colour book explains how to use the principles of Kundalini Yoga to fulfil your desire to have a baby.
With straightforward advice and beautifully illustrated exercises, FERTILITY YOGA will help you and your partner increase fertility naturally.

In addition to its well-known calming effects, yoga is healing for the whole body.
The exercises in this book, selected for both men and women to do individually and as a couple, are designed to boost fertility by improving circulation in reproductive organs and balancing hormones.
These exercises, which include yoga, meditation and breathing, will help you focus your mind, strengthen your body and let go of worries, as you prepare for conception and pregnancy.Author, Kerstin Leppert, who has taught Kundalini Yoga for many years and written four previous books on yoga and health, explains the ancient concept of chakras and how they relate to fertility and gives recommendations about nutrition, natural remedies, stress relief and sexual positions.

FERTILITY YOGA is full of advice you can put into practice right away - whether you are part of a couple taking the first steps toward conception or are already undergoing medical fertility treatments and want to support that with natural techniques. A Natural Approach to Conception
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