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Golden dragonrider

These golden pearls of mystic songs & sacred world music are nectar infused raw organic super foods for the soul - nourishing the heart and uplifting the spirit.

Simple yet powerful sung prayers and devotional heart-songs as key-reminders for the essential truth of our interconnectedness with all living beings and that we are here to lift each other up.

Kailash Kokopelli is weaving magical worlds and words of wisdom into this mystic world music embracing celtic folk, oriental afro funk jazz, native and medieval elements re-awakening the legendary Kokopelli as the sacred bard, storytelling troubadour, bridge-maker, earth-guardian and Dragonrider.
The dragons are the dreamweavers and guardians of sacred mother earth and her elemental kingdoms. If their dreaming gets disturbed - the balance of the planet is being disturbed. In the prophetic year of waterdragon the dragonrider returns with a medicine bag filled with sacred songs and sounding teachings.

The dragonrider does not come alone but with a rich tribe of magical voices & instruments played by master musicians, poets and world music medicine people such as

Nadishana, Zoumana Diarra and Rainer Scheurenbrand on Strings, Carrie Tree, Janin Devi & Ellen Molnia on female vocals, Praful on saxophones & bansuri flute, Zhubin Kalhor on kamancha, Chandra Lacombe on Kalimba, Quang Ngo Hong on the vietnamese da-nhi amongst many others and special guest singer Ernestine Deane from South Africa on Starseed Blues.

Let the dragon of sacred world music take you on a magical ride between the song of stone and stars.

Track Listings

1. Dragonrider 2. Ancestor Song 3. Feathers 4. Wings of Song 5. In the Light 6. Kungkum 7. Kingdom of Heaven 8. Healing Song 9. Dust 10. Millionaire 11. Friend-Ship 12. Song of Stars 13. Starseed Blues
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