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Sacred spaces

Brainscapes is the project of producer Alain Eskinasi, who is also known for his work with the group 3rd Force and as a producer for the ethno-techno ensemble Professor Trance and the Energisers. Though his past Brainscapes work has often resided in the realm of chill lounge music, SACRED SPACES: MUSIC FOR REIKI has healing goals in mind. The music is very spacious and fluid, featuring harmonic/drone elements, multicultural instrumentation and flutes immersed in a sea of slowly evolving synthesizers. It's a very free-form meditative album designed to soothe the body while stimulating the mind. The music was specifically recorded for use during Reiki sessions, and includes a subtle chime sound at 3-minute intervals to signal a change of hand position for practitioners.

Brainscapes makes ambient meditative music that is accessible, personal, tangible, and deeply rooted
in the earth. Most tracks contain subtle chime bells at three-minute intervals to signal change of hand
position in Reiki sessions and hemi-synch frequencies resulting in a backdrop to synchronize your
energy and the person you are working with. Well suited for massage, tai chi, meditation, and other
relaxation disciplines.

Alain Eskinasi: synth, percussion, Tibetan bowls, guitar/Kailash Kokopelli: Native American flutes

Track Listing: Sanctuary ? Cydonia ? Amalgamation of Love ? In the Breath ? The Bambu Temple Enigma ? Satsang ? Plasmatica ? Rebirth

Id: 1950031248


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